University of Minnesota Shevlin Hall Restoration

This was not your typical roof replacement project! Shevlin Hall is located in the heart of the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic was a major concern outlined in the safety and site logistics. An even larger concern was that the project was adjacent to a fully operational daycare facility. This required the team to identify and implement innovative safety techniques, including:

  • A specialized scaffolding system to discourage children from climbing on it and also protected them from getting hurt if they were able to access the scaffold system.
  • Meticulous delivery scheduling that considered family pick-up and drop-off times.
  • Lead paint removal was done through a chemical removal process to avoid paint chips from both contaminating the air and/or other areas of the building.
  • Thorough overhead protection at all access and egresses points in the building.
  • Roof removal was done over Memorial Day holiday weekend to help streamline the schedule and minimize negative impacts to operations.
Minneapolis, MN
11,000 SF
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