Success from the Start

With a team-mindset and a fully integrated process, we bring everyone together early and often, allowing the expertise of the entire team to add unprecedented value and unique project solutions. This inclusive process allows us to form a united team that together is able to overcome even the toughest challenges before a shovel ever hits the ground.

Our preconstruction services include:

Project Partnering + Team Integration

Project Programming & Cost Evaluation

Site & Risk Assessment

Budget & Schedule Establishment

System Analysis & Value Engineering

Constructability + Life-cycle Analysis

Ongoing Risk Mitigation

Safety Plan Development

“The challenge of creating solutions that solve seemingly impossible problems is what drives me. I have one motivational poster on my office wall that says, ‘…when you have exhausted all possibilities remember this, you haven’t.’  This poster reminds me that through determination, hardwork, and collaboration all problems can be conquered.”

Brandon Davis

Casey Thompson, Director of Preconstruction


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