"I am excited about our industry continuing to embrace alternative delivery methods that allow us to promote collaborative environments." - Sterling Black, CEO


The design-build delivery method brings both design and construction functions together under one roof, and one contractual entity, allowing the owner to receive the benefit of one truely united team. Utilizing the design-build delivery method, we are consistently able to provide a higher-quality facility in a shorter time-frame, providing savings to our customers.

When you hire LS Black Constructors as your design-builder, some of the benefits you can expect to receive include:

  • Single Source Accountability
  • Project team of designers, engineers, contractors, and specialty consultants assigned to your project due to their project specific expertise
  • A streamlined schedule resulting in cost savings
  • Continuity across the entire project life-cycle
  • Collaboration resulting in a higher-quality facility and a more efficient, productive, and safe project site

At LS Black Constructors, it is our vision to be the premier design-build firm in the region. We approach all of our projects as a whole-hearted, dedicated team, who takes ownership over defying difficulties to achieve results. The design-build delivery method creates a win-win for all parties involved, helping us realize savings for our customers, while minimizing risk, and maximizing success. Our team is ready to meet the goals of your project as your partner in design-build.

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