At LS Black Constructors, we believe the need to reduce carbon in construction is a must. From utilizing sustainable building techniques to helping our clients find affordable long-term solutions to reducing carbon emissions, it is our goal to work with our design partners and suppliers to select and deliver efficient, low-carbon solutions.

Beginning before the project is even awarded, the LS Black team embodies a culture of green thinking and is constantly on-top of sustainable trends. No matter the goal, our LEED Accredited Professionals will hone in on solutions that deliver the biggest impact within the parameters of your project. Some of the sustainable building techniques we employ on a majority of our projects include:

Recommend and source energy-efficiency and renewable energy technologies

Encouraging integrative design and smart building technologies

Membership in the USGBC to help promote forward-thinking building policies

Helping our project teams retrofit spaces to promote reuse

Recommend optimized daylight and lighting technologies

Construct with recycled content and locally produced building materials

Implement proper construction waste management.

Suggesting the incorporation of plants and greenery into projects.

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