As people return to the workplace, LS Black is here to help you transform your space into one that fosters flexibility, performance and wellbeing. Now more than ever, employers need to focus on investing in the long-term. This means integrating smart functionality into your facility. With enhanced technology you can stay connected even when people are working remotely. This allows you to be more flexible and better utilize your available space, while putting in-place proper distancing measures, larger work stations, and bigger corridors to help your employees feel safe while still allowing face-to-face interaction. With a people-centric approach, our team of technical experts are here to help you obtain long-term success.


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As universities seek to create ideal spaces for learning, LS Black is here to facilitate  the transformation and renewal of your campus.


The people who work at LS Black aren’t just employees — they are innovative builders and creative problem solvers, each personally invested in the success of our project. 

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