John Urban, Safety Director, Accepting CHASE Award
May 12, 2022

LS Black Constructors is pleased to announce that we were once again selected for the Sourcewell ezIQC Program for the State of Minnesota. The Sourcewell Program, which is administered by Gordian ezIQC, is available to all government agencies in Minnesota and under the terms of the LS Black Constructors contact, we have the ability to partner with cities/municipalities, county and state level government agencies to perform the following construction projects:

  • General Contracting
  • Commercial Construction
  • Historical Restoration
  • Tribal Facilities
  • Parks and Recreational Spaces
  • Government and Municipality Facilities
  • Educational Facilities (Higher Ed, K-12)
  • New Building Construction
  • Remodeling and Renovation
  • Demolition
  • Carpentry
  • Concrete

The Sourcewell Program model is especially effective for government agencies because it saves time, reduces costs and removes risk from the procurement process. Additionally, the program provides the legal authority to establish contracts within the State of Minnesota and satisfies the requirements for the public sector solicitation process. As a member of the program, LS Black Constructors is pre-approved to compete for an array of construction projects and we are looking forward to building our relationship with government agencies across the great state of Minnesota.

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