Written by Holly Jasper
Marketing Director

With over 42 years of high-quality construction experience, we have witnessed the many challenges that our clients face. The most common challenge, without a doubt, is the procurement process and the costs associated with it. We’ve witnessed countless times our clients receiving results that are well below their delivery expectations.

We are excited to offer our clients an opportunity to utilize the Sourcewell IDIQ Contract (formally NJPA)  www.sourcewell-mn.gov/eziqc.

Sourcewell is a third-party, vetted, contracted, purchasing process that makes it easy to procure construction services for new or backlogged projects. Helping increase efficiencies during design, construction, and post construction.

Additional benefits from using Sourcewell:

  • Time savings
  • Reduced procurement and administrative costs (average of 24%)
  • Increased cost control
  • Price proposal activity
  • Higher quality of work

Features of Sourcewell:

  • Simple project initiation
  • Preset construction pricing
  • Expert review of price proposal
  • Assistance with scope of work development
  • Streamlined change-order process

Reach out to a LS Black team member to learn more about how your project may benefit from using the Sourcewell purchasing process!