The LS Black Constructors Housing Division, led by industry veteran Mark Liska, is poised to grow their share of the stick-built multi-family housing business in the Twin Cities Metro area beginning in late 2022 and into 2023. According to Liska, “LS Black Constructors has the right mix of people, processes and experience to immediately entrench our team in the local housing market.” Furthermore, Liska stated, “We’re not looking to do business with 20 developer partners, that’s not what we’re about. We want as few key partners as possible and that could mean as few as one. The right partner that shares our values and vision will create a powerful relationship that will pay dividends for years to come. Life-long partnerships are what we’re after and we won’t be able to nurture those types of relationships chasing low-bid opportunities across the United States. It’s absolutely about building aligned and collaborative partnerships.”

The mission of the Housing team is to provide safe, healthy homes that are affordable for people within every socio-economic class. The Housing leadership team is in place and they have over 10,000 multi-family units between them. And, work has already began on a few local projects (featured at the top of the page). As the Housing team grows and key partnerships are formed, the group will be well positioned and ready to deliver on their mission and business strategies. “It’s exciting to think about where we’re headed in this space,” stated Liska, “we will grow and we’ve got a plan to make it happen starting in the fall of 2022.”

See our resume of Housing Projects. For partnership and other business inquiries, contact Mark Liska at .

Mark Liska

Vice President, Housing Division

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