LS Black Constructors was recently awarded a $27M Design-Bid-Build barracks project on the Fort McCoy Military Base in South Central Wisconsin. The 4-story, 400-person transient barracks with space for living and sleeping (open bay barracks areas, showers, and restrooms), laundry, and group gathering for Army Reserve units attending training at Fort McCoy. This project replaces the use of approximately 13 WWII wood barracks (all approximately 70 years old) before those barracks become unusable. The new facility will allow for more effective training to complete mission requirements, as well as saving the cost of maintaining a large number of the WWII wood barracks. The facility will be used for major exercises, annual training, battle assembly, and mobilization training. The new structure includes restroom facilities and showers for the enlisted personnel assigned to the facility, and two-man rooms with restroom facilities for the senior officers. The project will comply with all high performance and sustainable building requirements and will be designed to a minimum life of 40 years in accordance with the Department of Defense’s UFC requirements. Additionally, the building has been registered to comply with LEED Silver requirements.

Once this project is completed in the spring of 2026, it will be the third barracks project that LS Black Constructors and our construction team has been entrusted to build at Fort McCoy.

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