Employee Update

Written by Michele Ode, Director of Marketing & Business Development

St. Paul, Minnesota – LS Black Constructors, a full-service construction firm located in St. Paul, MN, is pleased to announce the addition of Tim Degnan as project superintendent. Degnan brings more than 29 years of construction experience to the LS Black team working with high-profile clients such as the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Degnan will initially be assigned to the Minneapolis City Hall Life Safety renovations project, for the Municipal Building Commission (MBC). Degnan will be responsible for managing the field crews and overseeing all on-site construction activities, while ensuring a safe and secure project delivery.

“At LS Black Constructors we are focused on providing high-quality, experienced professionals to meet the needs of our clients, help us sustain our growth and position us well for the future,” said Sterling Black, Chief Executive Officer of LS Black Constructors. “Tim brings a high-level of drive we believe to be a great fit with our aggressive, competitive, and fun culture.”