August 28, 2020

LS Black Constructors is proud to announce the addition of Dave French as its Director of Marketing! Dave holds a BS in Business Administration and a Masters of Management, with a focus on Marketing and Branding from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. 

Dave brings high-level marketing experiences from great companies like, Toro, Smead Manufacturing and Marvin Windows and Doors. His knowledge and understanding of how a marketing department can tremendously impact the success of a company was witnessed as both an individual contributor and at the group leader level.

“We’re in the people business. Great companies are a reflection of great talent, especially in a service driven business like ours. Dave’s success didn’t happen by accident. His marketing competency was built through experiences and by engaging in the process. He’s a doer, and like us, he has a passion for providing the best possible experience for our clients.” – Dan Weinmeyer, Executive Vice President

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