Our Proven Process

The LS Black Difference

In the ultra-competitive industry of construction, consumers have options and way too many of them. We’ve built a successful, sustainable business by focusing on delivering a world-class customer experience. Our people are empowered to drive and execute on that commitment, recognizing the cause and effect of every decision they make.

Warren Buffet once said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and we believe it!  Over the past forty-years, every challenge we have overcome has provided us with an opportunity to refine our process making us a better company. You can’t fake passion. We’re driven to be the best in everything we do. Our drive comes from our commitment to inspire a better way to construct, exploiting our teams core competencies of innovation, collaboration, and execution.


Listen & Learn to understand our client, their business, and the overall goals of the project 

Customize Team Selection to offer the right experience, skills and capabilities that are the best fit for the project

Set Clear Expectations of all parties involved

Encourage Communication at all levels to leverage the expertise of the entire team

Identify Project-Specific Risks & Opportunities prior to project award for immediate collaboration and idea generation

Involve Key Project Stakeholders early and often creating a seamless flow of communication 

Treat Mistakes with Curiosity and share responsibility for the outcomes

Advocate for the Team by advising on cost, schedule, constructability, and sustainability throughout the project offering best value solutions

Engage Subcontractors Early to effectively leverage their expertise and help maximize their success

Leverage Relationships to promote streamlined permitting and procurement processes

Be Creative and utilize innovative techniques and new technologies

Establish Clear Lines of Communication to resolve challenges before they become issues 

Set an Example through flexibility and adaptability and always maintain a positive mindset

Out Think, Out Work, Out Perform by making client-centric decisions and driving solutions that get results

Create a Strategic Workflow to maximize time, efficiencies and costs to all involved

Be Inclusive to ensure a shared understanding of project goals and progress

Seek Opportunities to increase productivity, safety, and quality at all times, while reducing waste and minimizing change orders 

Celebrate Diversity by utilizing the talent, skills and experience of the entire team

Recognize Accomplishments and Have Fun, no matter how big or small

Own It, even after the project is complete we will be responsive and help you in anyway we can