Over the past several months, building ecosystems have gone under the microscope as owners, architects and contractors explore ways to combat COVID-19 variants. There is an immediate need to improve the interior ecosystem in sensitive buildings, such as healthcare facilities and schools, to protect the inhabitants from nasty pathogens. In this Expert Forum hosted by LS Black Constructors, our panelists will discuss why the relationship between air flow, air filtration, pathogen transmission and common chemical disinfectants can impact human wellness, the lifespan and the overall bottom-line of a facility. Our handpicked panel of local experts will discuss pathogen transmission, healthcare acquired infection, sustainability/WELL, and the steps we can consider to meet SB2030 goals in the future.

Expert Panelists

It’s a rapidly changing environment and our goal is to bring expert insight and cutting-edge thinking around managing your interior ecosystem in the spaces you work, learn, heal and play.

Bob Dehler
Minnesota Department of Health

• 24 years of engineering experience
• 12 years with the State of Minnesota

Eric Krause
Allina Health

• 23 years of industry experience
• Master plumbing and boiler operators license

Tom Holm
Green Science Solutions

• 30+ years of experience in science and technology

Brian Evan
Wold Architects and Engineers

• 10 years of engineering experience
• Mechanical systems specialist

Michael Puncochar LS Black Constructors
Michael Puncochar
LS Black Constructors

• 19 years of construction experience
• 7 years in the healthcare sector

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