Owner: City of North St. Paul
Architect: SALA Architects
Location: North St. Paul, MN
Size: 70,000 SF
Value: $7,500,000
Delivery Method: CM@Risk

Our team constructed a new public works facility to support the streets, parks, and utilities departments for the city of North St. Paul. The existing site required the demolition of several structures and the correction and remediation of the existing soils. Hazardous materials from both the buildings and site were addressed promoting the reuse of a previously developed site. The site utilized a traffic rated underground storage system within the shop yard to deliver storm water quantity and quality control while maximizing the functions on site.

Functionally, the project includes vehicle storage and repair shops, indoor wash bays, utility shops for water, sewer and electrical; parks and rec shop; and storage areas along with staff locker, office, and meeting spaces. A long rack supported storage system wraps the perimeter providing high capacity storage for both surplus materials and heavy seasonal equipment. The facility incorporates a one way “U”- shaped circulating aisle within the shop bay for vehicular access and travel. This allowed the operation to utilize two quick acting bi-fold doors to service the entire shop space efficiently and minimize heat loss during cold winter operations.

Office and administration spaces were developed with highly durable finishes including polished concrete floors, which are easy to maintain and promote a high-end appearance. The facility is set on shallow concrete foundations designed to accommodate the harsh Minnesota climate. The building envelope is constructed from insulated pre-cast wall panels and a structural steel frame with a low-slope roof. The exterior appearance of the precast panels is augmented with integral colors and sandblasted effects providing visual interest.