Robert Dew, President

“We are constantly faced with challenges on projects, that our firm is uniquely qualified to overcome for our clients, hence the mantra ‘Built for the Challenge’. At LS Black, we work diligently to find talented staff and give them the tools they need to grow, both personally and professionally, to become great leaders in our industry so they can successfully navigate and solve the most difficult project challenges.”

-Robert Dew, President

With LS Black Constructors for more than 14 years, Robert takes a client-centric approach to his work, focusing on client satisfaction and building long-term relationships. Robert also spent more than nine years in active duty for the U.S. Military bringing a drive and appreciation for hard work and determination. Robert is proud to be part of a team that approaches work with a yes mindset, never saying no and never backing down from a challenge. He enjoys projects that demand a high-level of collaboration, bringing out the best in all team members. Outside of the company, Robert is an avid golfer, dog lover, and grandpa.