Dan weinmeyer, Executive vice president of project development and marketing

“I love the journey more than the destination. LS Black is well positioned to take the next step. Focus on your people and provide your customers with a great experience. Do the right thing and you’ll end up in the right spot. Everything else will take care of itself.”

-Dan Weinmeyer, Executive Vice President of Project Development and Marketing

For more than 24 years, Dan has been involved with construction projects ranging from a very diverse segment of markets all over the country. From remodeling of existing to complete design-builds, Dan has a tremendous amount of valuable experience that LS Black draws from, and ultimately continue to deliver world-class results. Dan brings valuable business development, marketing, talent development, and M&A experience to our executive leadership team. Prior to joining the LS Black team, Dan spent over two successful decades with a national construction and facilities solutions company. Out of the office, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. You can usually find him on the St. Croix river or the golf course, but most likely at a hockey arena or lacrosse field.